A New World Every Time You Wake Up.

Slate Knalb hates dying. It’s the coming back to life he can’t make sense of.

He's Born

Each time he returns, he’s in a different life on a different world, yet surrounded by the same people, even if he isn’t sure exactly who they are to him.

He Dies

A team of brilliant scientists and hardy soldiers manipulates Slate’s existence, determined he will be successful no matter how many ways they have to kill him.

He Does It All Over Again

Slate’s only hope to end his bizarre cycle of life and death is to learn the answers to the questions he hasn’t yet been asked. 

You're 13 and you create your own father.

However, he’s really you, because you never knew your father. Your only template is the one you live in all the time.

That’s the decision Levi Castle has to make when he is invited to help save the Universe from the emerging evil that is overtaking humankind.

Join the people who drive Slate to become more than he thinks possible, even if they have to kill him a hundred different ways to do it. There are darker forces in the universe than Man ever thought possible, and Slate is humanity’s final remaining hope.

Slate has lived and died more times than he can count. What is he expected to learn? He doesn’t know, except that when he finally figures it out, he wonders if he'll wake up again.


It's the nightmare you don't know that can kill you in the dark. *

They were big, and winged, and fanged. Hungry, too, or at least to judge by how quickly they ate. The first one came through the mirror, and it landed right on Jonnra as she slept. She never got a chance to wake before it ripped into her chest. It munched juicily as its brethren flew in overhead.

They swarmed the cave, screeching their fury, one for each one on the other side of their mirror. You’d think it was planned, the numbers matching so well, one hungry predator for each fleshy human. And that cave, with the mirror so deeply inside.

Who would have thought of that?

Perhaps there was a reason this world was a place of eternal daylight. Or maybe that was the reason the mirror was hidden so well. Either way, that mirror was the perfect opportunity for evil to come sweeping through.

Are devils real? They were that night.

* Excerpt from The Wheel

Join in a journey that spans the galaxy.

Look out from the City Towers of a future Earth that are surrounded with gardens as far as the eye can see. Ride a blazing tree into the night. Live as a 30 meter behemoth on a blood-red world. Then find a mirror. As everyone knows, if you can catch a mirror, you can step through. Catch a second, and the steps become two.

When you don't know where . . . or if you'll wake up tomorrow, you hit the ground running. Besides, you never know what's about to eat you coming out of the dark.

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This is the most dynamic new book of the decade.

Meet the characters. Live as they live. You will imagine them in your dreams, and their experiences will fill your waking thoughts.


Slate: No!” Slate didn’t like the sound of that. “No more deaths. None.” He looked up, and he stood, turning in a circle and shouting to the sky. “No more deaths on this world. I will not let another person die!
Levi: “No. No, no.” Levi twirled around, balling his hands. “No, you’re not me. You’re much more than I ever was. At first, yes, you started out like me. Then you grew, and finally, you became what we wanted you to be.” 
Beener: Unless you can rewrite time.” Beener smirked, looking at the Slate hologram. “And that’s impossible, isn’t it?

This is a world that will blow your mind.Jump aboard to start your trip today.

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