I put a fire under ThreeSkilletPublishing and got them on the ball, and while you can't read The Wheel just yet, you can pre-order the Kindle version! It will drop automatically onto your Kindle (or other electronic device) on May 1st!

In case anyone doesn't know, a Kindle book can be read on any device. Android. Apple. Home PC. You need to download the free Kindle app. I use it on my iPad and my computer (although I have three Kindles, one for every occasion!). Go to and search Kindle app. Amazon will ask you to create a free account, but that's so they can store your purchases online. That way if your device dies, you still have access to your purchased books.

One of my other sci-fi books is also available for pre-order. Check out The Center's Child at or You can also find it on this website under Other Books.