Dang, those mining units are massive!

Think of it. Each one's the size of a 10-story building.

What else is the size of a 10-story building? A giant iguana? Ha! Only in a Japanese Godzilla movie, or King Kong, maybe. Yeah, that's it. 


King Kong in 1933 was only 24 feet tall. Not exactly overwhelming. I mean, that's big, but a real monster? Hardly.

If you were on a second story building, you could look him in the eye. He could still pinch your windpipe with a flick of a finger, but hardly breath-gasping sticker shock. Of course, he was supposed to be nearly 50 feet, and that wound up being 18 (in relative scale) on the island, or our 24 in New York. Eh? He was advertised at 50 but didn't live up to the hype.

In 1975, he grew to 55 feet. Better, but on Skull Island, he was still scaled to a diminuative 42 feet. Whaaaa? Then in 1985, he made it to 60 feet, a five foot improvement. He was finally coming of age. Looked like puberty had finally taken hold, hairy face and all.

Wait! Skip to 2005. Peter Jackson had a great idea. Let's make King Kong realistic at 25 feet. No way, you say. Yes, way, because it happened.

The best is King Kong vs. Godzilla. The Japanese King Kong was a whopping 147 feet in 1962!

So, in 1998, the Americans jumped in the water and made old King baby 197 feet! Whoa, baby! That's nearly a 20-story building!

But wait! No one wanted to be left out. Kingy Baby then leapt to 262 feet, then a colossal 320 feet! That'll shake a few moles in their holes.

In 2014, the King grew to 355 feet, and then he topped 382 feet for the 2016 version. What could possibly be next?

Ha, ha! Try 400 feet in 2020. Will it happen? Well, the aliens did land in Roswell, and we know for a fact that our new American president is from Triginaoor, our sister planet on the opposite side of the sun.

Seems our monster mining machines in The Wheel need an upgrade. Get it? Upgrade? Like, taller, man! 

See you later, gater, er, Godzilla!