The Wheel, the novel, is a book that will take your imagination on a journey across the cosmos.

Here are 6 reasons The Wheel is an amazing book.

1. Amazing Characters. Meet Levi, Slate, Sundra and all the rest.

2. Amazing Locations. Visit St. Louis Tower, a burning world, and alien landscapes that will buzz your brain.

3. Amazing Lifeforms. Live as a Metal Man, become an Artificial Intelligence that inhabits the stars, and run from a Winged Demon.

4. Amazing Forms of Travel. Take a flitter, jump aboard a giant robot, or step through a mirror to your destination.

5. Amazing Bad Guys. Hide from a militaristic Church, avoid anything with wings, and never, never sleep next to a mirror in the dead of night.

6. Amazing Timescapes. Be there as a military spacecraft from New Spain, lost hundreds of years earlier, joins our hero in a distant arm of the galaxy. Put on a holographic suit that allows you to be anywhere, in any time. Visit the New London Nationoids Conglomerate Military Base as humanity fights to save itself from total extinction.

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