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That Metal Hand

I've got a new proof of the book on the way. We adjusted the text spacing in the interior, and the words on the back cover were too close to the top. Hopefully, this version will be the final one, and the book will be ready to release for sale.

I thought about Beener Baity's hand the last time I read through the book. He was given a realistic one after the firedevil attack, and he chose to wear a metal one, instead. That shows an interesting side of his character.

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Coming Along!

The new novel is not even out, yet, and I'm really excited! I'm reading through a proof copy, looking for any last minute changes I want to make, and I get as wrapped up in Slate's worlds, and his rebirths, as I did when I wrote the story.

I'm looking forward to this book hitting the shelves, and seeing what you guys out there think about it. 

Stay tuned here as I delve deeper into the world of The Wheel.

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Slate Starts Up the Flitter

Interactive technology fascinates me. When Slate starts the flitter in St. Louis Tower, I have it talk to him, recognizing other occupants in the car, and interacting with other AI entities in other flitters and Towers. The canopy in the flitter is also light sensitive, darkening in a fraction of a second when it hits the sunlight. Here it is in the passage from The Wheel:

The floor shivered. He climbed in and palmed the screen. It glowed green, and when he released it, the green turned into a nebula, then coalesced into the StiRik logo, a feathered loop around a stylized letter R. He’d been told it looked a bit like a DNA strand caught in a tornado. The systems began to come online, air and lights, with the gentle beat of a muted rezband in the background. The seats self-adjusted, and the windows cleared, transparent in the muted lights of the garage.

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