All Fall Down
All Fall Down Front Cover v4 Reduced

Book I in The Se’Yan’t Chronicles brings a whole new Universe to life, one filled with amazing races and exciting adventure.

In All Fall Down, a world and its people are decimated, and all for greed.

Yet, there is something about the planet Se’Yan’t that transcends humanity’s attempts to destroy her people. She holds a secret in her seas, a secret corporations will kill for. What humanity is just now finding out is that it’s a secret that Se’Yan’t can’t share, even if she wants to.

No matter how much death MegaCorp thrashes across her blue seas and yellow skies.

This is Rjorck’s story, the tale of the man who works over the course of many lifetimes to protect his people. It’s also the tale of his death, and how his sacrifice brings new life to a devastated world.

As the story unfolds, those who wreak havoc on Rjorck’s homeworld are exposed one layer at a time. Perhaps, just perhaps there was a time when evil hadn’t yet blackened their souls.

Can Se’Yan’t forgive her transgressors? Can the team sent to restore MegaCorp’s abuses make amends?

Ask the children. They are out there . . . somewhere in Se’Yan’t’s nurturing seas, and they are waiting to come home once again.

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