Chapter 4 introduces us to the "black and oil" that extends "the breadth of the cosmos and beyond." Deeper into this (very short) chapter, we read that "a giant finger the width of a star system stretched forth..."

What!?! A finger the width of a star system? Who could believe that?

Lol! This is science fiction! I love concepts that are out there (literally in this case) and blow my mind with, What If? 

You know, if this could be true, then maybe something else could be true, and anyway, we don't know, because we're not out there. 

It's a matter of belief, faith, trust in crazy concepts that can drive other crazy concepts, and so on, and so on, and so on.

Like (for those of you from the day), she told two friends, then she told two friends, then she told two friends.

Remember the story of the man who placed a grain of rice on a checkerboard? He doubled it on the second, then doubled that on the third? He didn't get very far before there wasn't enough rice in China (really, China is where the story takes place) or space in the room to hold all the rice.

That's what my ideas are like. There's not room in my head to hold them all.

What's that giant finger? I'll give you Chapter 4. You get to read the rest to find out.

BLACK and oil extended the breadth of the cosmos and beyond. Beneath its glittering surface, a metallic gleam flashed for a moment and disappeared, consumed by liquid night once again.

In the distance, something moved. A shift, bare and small, as if forgotten. Never there, except in someone’s dreams.

Stardust sprinkled across the cosmos, a spiderweb of faint light, with little more than the memory of dust for its underpinnings. A thousand races died, and in their places, a thousand more were born.

A giant finger the width of a star system stretched forth, and a pointed nail touched the night just where the spiderweb of light had left the faintest trail of stardust.

The oil moved, sluggish against the fabric of time, and then it settled into the black of the night once again.